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  • Ya know What im Saying Show March 4, 2021
    Looking at First Peter today from the messianic Jewish View point. Chapters 1 and some of chapter 2. looking of the status of believers around AD 64 - 65.
  • Ya Know What Im Sayin Show March 2, 2021
    Finishing up The Book of James Today, james 4 & 5 pretty much we have looked at in all episodes that faith is tested by its response to the word of God, Social Distinctions, Production of woks, by developing self control, by its relationship to the world and worldliness, and Faith is tested by resorting […]
  • Ya Know What Im Sayin Show March 1, 2021
    Going over Heb 3 and the testing of faith by developing self control,( looking at the toungue)and in Chapter 4 -  faith being tested by its relationship to the world and worldliness. 
  • Ya know What Im Sayin Show February 26, 2021
    Looking at Faith and works in James chapter 2 a little reggae themed music today also.
  • Ya know What im Sayin Show February 25, 2021
    Finishing up James 1, and moving into James Chapter 2.looking at the role of Gods word, and  Respect of persons.