Hello everyone!!!!

Hey Listen it has been a wonderful year, overflowing with the Joy from doing the radio show every morning.  I just wanted to let you all know that I am in a spiritual quest for direction on where to go from here. I have been directed by the Holy Spirit to stop the show upon completion of our year long overview of the Bible. This Happened this month, If you listen to day 365 you will realize through the show that stopping the show was an emotional task for me.  I have found in my walk with Jesus that I need to obey the Father and the direction that is being laid out for me. In times path, with an expectant heart, I have gone forward knowing that I was to refrain. I have been chastised by the Holy Spirit in times past . I have learned that my will has no place in the Kingdom of God. It is his will and only his will, and I need to be obedient, as well as Humble.

So with all of that being said. one thing has been revealed to me that I must do in the future, but there is more to the format of the show(s) that have not been revealed yet. I am started to organize, an implement certain things to make what has been revealed to be able to come to pass. I sincerely appreciate all who have listened and have supported the show. I am ever so grateful to Robbie Rob and his unwavering support by allowing me to utilize WTDC.db for broadcasting, as well as Scotty & Shawnw E of Reigning Redemption. Without the three of them and the Transfiguration Day Channel I seriously doubt that any of the past few years would have come to pass.

o Please stop in once in a while and see if there is any advancements. I will be updating this website often for Radio Related things as well as my crafting. _ Redwords Lou.

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