Hello Everyone!
Starting in November 2, 2020, I will be starting up the Radio Broadcast again on Transfiguration Day Radio ( TDCRADIO.COM) Same time 9AM EST Monday through Friday(13:00 UTC, 1PM) (Wednesday may be an issue right now due to commitments. )

The Show Name will be changed from The Ya Know What Im Saying Show to "The Lou IsLou Show"

For Now the plan is to start looking into the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. This will Be based off of Messianic Jewish Studies. Although I am not Jewish I believe we have to have a solid understanding of the actual time Jesus was here on earth, as well as the customs, and an understanding of language (meaning of words and how they are used). This brings a new dynamic to how we interpret the Bible and the texts true intentions.

This study will be long. I foresee possibly 6 months long. Once shows start I would suggest listening to previous shows to get caught up. Shows will be available on demand through this website, as well as in the TDC Radio discord server. Link to join our discord server is below.

Thank you for your interest.
Redwords Lou

This is another live player that will play WTDC.db . Programing is pre recorded and plays 24/7. Specific shows at Their Designated times will play LIVE!
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    PHYLACTERIES Matthew 23:5 mentions this word, but what does it mean? listen in and find out. also in the begining a few questions to start the gears churning in you rmind. enjoy the show, and there are a few songs at the end,
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    Forgiveness? & Crosses? & Korahs Rebellion? mismashed show.
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    Lets see if we can find Jesus in the book of numbers? sorta like wheres waldo, hes there ya just gotta find him! A little Q&A firstĀ 
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    Question about Covid - 19 and a synoptic view on the most redeming 24 hours in Human History.*
  • Ya Know What Im Sayin! August 27, 2020
    Q&A about Trump Peace Plan, as well as article The rule of Life and Spiritual maturity By Dr. F