It has been a great time ministering to everyone for the past few years. The Ya Know What Im Saying Show has now come to and end. Possibly in the future I will come back to ministry via radio or the internet, but for now I need to delve into some deeper studies, as well as be obedient to the Holy Spirit as I am directed. if you need to get ahold of me.

Blessings to you all!.

This is another live player that will play WTDC.db . Programing is pre recorded and plays 24/7. Specific shows at Their Designated times will play LIVE!
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  • ya know what im saying! September 2, 2020
    PHYLACTERIES Matthew 23:5 mentions this word, but what does it mean? listen in and find out. also in the begining a few questions to start the gears churning in you rmind. enjoy the show, and there are a few songs at the end,
  • Ya Know What Im Saying! September 1, 2020
    Forgiveness? & Crosses? & Korahs Rebellion? mismashed show.
  • Ya know What Im Sayin! August 31, 2020
    Lets see if we can find Jesus in the book of numbers? sorta like wheres waldo, hes there ya just gotta find him! A little Q&A firstĀ 
  • Ya Know What Im Sayin! August 28, 2020
    Question about Covid - 19 and a synoptic view on the most redeming 24 hours in Human History.*
  • Ya Know What Im Sayin! August 27, 2020
    Q&A about Trump Peace Plan, as well as article The rule of Life and Spiritual maturity By Dr. F