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We are currently going through the end times, in an orderly fashion. Theologians would call this a chronological order. I am doing this for self edification as well as edification of the body of Jesus Christ.

This week (march, 23. 2020 - March 30, 2020 is continuing to cover the millennial kingdom

  • resurrected saints reigning with Jesus
  • Jesus bringing Physical Blessing
  • Jesus institutes a perfect Government
  • Spiritual Blessing Given by Jesus Christ
  • a final revolt by Satan
  • Satan being cast into the lake of fire
  • The Second Resurrection
  • The Wicked dead being Judged
  • Covering The Lake of Fire

This will conclude our study, once we are done. this study will have lasted 4 weeks, and I encourage you as well as myself to go back and listen to the past 4 weeks of shows to further solidify what has been mentioned. As always, please do not take anything that has been brought forth as "This is it" "The Way it is" this study has been based on the literal interpretation of the Bible by many theologians, and may wish to study further, which was the goal of this study.

Thank you for listening and please tune in to TDC radio network for other Shows as they are broadcasted.

Redwords Lou